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The annual Bible Bowl games that are played across the United States and Canada are sponsored by the Youth Ministries Department of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America.   Although sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, non Seventh-day Adventist can and are encouraged to participate at the local level where determination will be made for them to play at the national games.  These games are intended to encourage youth, young adults and adults to study the Word of God and to find a degree of enjoyment while doing so.  

Each year youth, young adults and adults within their respective peer groups converge in a major city to participate in these games.  These peer groups are Junior Youth, ages 10-15, Senior Youth, ages 16-22, Young Adult, ages 23-35 and Adult, ages 36+.  After receiving guidance from their team coaches and Regional Coordinator, they demonstrate their ability to answer random questions from the Scriptures within a four-second time frame.

With an administrative staff of Moderators, Judges, QuizMaster operators, question writers, Regional Coordinators, and Youth Ministries Directors, these games are executed over a two-day time frame with each division playing simultaneously.  With each game lasting twelve clock minutes and over thirty teams participating, there are lots of logistical challenges packed into this Spirit-filled two-day event.  Nevertheless it is the consensus of all participating that this event fulfills the directive of our Lord found in John 21:16, "If ye love me, feed my sheep."

We invite you to come and join us for this annual national event, October 25, 26, 2013 in the Greater New York Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists.  For additional information please call the GNY Youth Ministries Department at (516) 627-9350 or email kayonic9@yahoo.com or Check Back Here for further updates!

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See you in the Greater New York Conference!

October 25 & 26 2013!

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